1 Thunder Lane || Home of the Week

I have the unique opportunity to photograph all different types of homes every week. Especially this time of year. Real Estate Photography is unlike anything else because everything happens SO FAST and everything seems to be SO last minute. It can be frustrating yet exhilarating, heart-pounding and exhausting, lonely yet gratifying, satisfying and oh, so much more. I have lots of "I love my job" moments and occasionally those not so "I love my job moments" just like everybody else. Part of my job, is not only capturing the character of the home, but marketing the home so that people who are viewing these images feel an emotional connection to the house they are seeing behind their computer screen. I want people to see that the "house behind their computer screen" could potentially be their new home. The place they will come home to every night and hopefully build new memories in. 

I've decided I don't want to keep all these images to myself (and the wonderful Real Estate Agents I work with and the MLS and the potential buyers/sellers) but to share them with my friends and the world around me. Maybe people who aren't necessarily looking for a home now but potentially in their future. Or just for kicks and giggles. 

So if you wish, join me on my journey on sharing my Home of the Week. Feel free to share or comment along! We have these unique opportunities in this technology driven world to share our passions and love of what we do with the world. Let's use our gifts to inspire and awaken the hearts of others by doing what we love!! (As Satsuki Shibuya once said)

So take a look at 1 Thunder Lane in Lancaster and let the address speak for itself! 

Listed By Jeffrey Snyder of Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage.

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