It's the Love of my Life's BIRTHDAY!!!!!!



He gives me one of his last bites of the perfect piece of crispy bacon on the morning of HIS Birthday!

He's kind, Compassion and Humble & the most Handsome man I know.

He's been there for me through Sickness & Health and 3 different homes in the first 8 months of marriage. Along with countless other things. :)

He's a lover of life and living it the fullest.

He can make friends with anyone and constantly inspires me to come out of my comfort zone to do the same.

He gives 100% into everything he does, especially when it comes to working on his craft as a performer.

He allows the color blush in our home and loves to support me with my love of decorating and countless Target trips.

He still loves me even after my Cowboys beat his Redskins

And mostly, I LOVE that he loves me!!!

Extraordinary things are in store for you this year Randy!!! Love you always, Abigail