Sharon and Dave’s "Cheerful" Coastal and Country French Home

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Name: Sharon Hanby-Robie, ASID, interior designer, author & speaker specializing in living simply & Dave Robie, an Antique Dealer/Collector

Location: Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Size: 2200 sq. ft.

Years Lived in: 20

From the moment you step inside the front door of Sharon and Dave’s home, simplicity, elegance and cheerful colors will sweep you off your feet. Springtime and Coastal accent colors dance around the Family Room and invite you to come in and stay awhile. Natural light pours in from the sky-lights on the heigh ceilings of the Living Room and the fireplace brings a natural coziness to the atmosphere.

Sharon is living out her dream that she has had since she was 7 years old; her dream to be an interior designer. She is a woman of many talents and she shares them with the world around her. It’s so easy to fall in love with everything about their home: the atmosphere of care and love that fill each rooms, the bright happy colors that invade the space and the gentle touch and placement of small details in each room. But most importantly, the positive and loving spirit of Sharon herself. Sharon is a spokesperson for QVC, an interior designer, a member of ASID, and an author. You can see the love she pours into other’s lives just from being in her home. 

Sharon loves to support local artists. Since her wall palate is mostly white, she accents with beautiful and unique pieces of artwork and keepsakes; each one holding a story. And each piece fills her home with color and a cheerful vibe. Sharon’s style of Coastal and Country French greets you immediately at the door but follows you throughout the home and leaves such an impression, you’ll want to visit again and again.

From Sharon's Perspective: 

A home is a lot like a good relationship; it grows and improves over time. I started by writing a mission statement for my home:

I want my home to be ordered in such a way that it reflects the beauty and depth of our Lord’s creation. I want it to be functional, provide safety and comfort and yet remain gracious enough to soothe the senses and inspire dreams.

It’s been a twenty year relationship with my home and I am content with the results. My heart is happiest at the beach which is why the coastal theme prevails throughout. My mother was the youngest student accepted at the Cleveland Institute of Art. Her love of art was instilled in me. So it too, is an ongoing important character within my home. I believe there is always room for more.

As a color specialist, I know that color is the second strongest emotional trigger; therefore, it is critical to our well-being. Just as with my design clients, I color printed my husband and myself, knowing that the palette chosen is one that both Dave and I thrive in. As a hyper-active being, I purposely chose the depth of hue for each room with a specific purpose.  

Now that you know a little bit about me, let me welcome you to my home . . . .

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From Sharon:

Our homes are the only environment over which we have control. Our homes should be our personal sanctuaries. For me the word “sanctuary” is synonymous with simplicity. My goal was to create a home that was not only practical for everyday living, but also vital to spiritual health. 

Building awareness of our spiritual selves and integrating that awareness into the way we live is important – it connects us and allows us to feel peace within ourselves. 

Charles Keeler, poet, playwright and chief advocate for the Arts and Craft movement said it best:

The ideal home is one in which the family may be most completely sheltered to develop in love, graciousness, and individuality, and which is at the same time most accessible to friends, toward whom hospitality is as unconscious and spontaneous as it is abundant. Charles Keeler, 1906                            

Apartment Therapy Survey

My Style: Coastal/Country French

Inspiration: The wonder of nature especially the beach from dawn and the first wave as it laps the shore to the setting of the sun.

Favorite Element:  Artwork and area rugs

Biggest Challenge: Creating intimacy within large open spaces

What Friends Say: It's so calming, happy and full of light 

Biggest Embarrassment: An interior Designer living with an Antique Dealer/Collector. I disdain clutter, Dave thrives on it. 

Proudest DIY: Birdcage wall in kitchen

Biggest Indulgence: Area rugs, pillows and of course Original Artwork by local artists.

Best Advice: Choose colors that make you smile -- it is the second strongest emotional trigger. If the colors in your home are correct for you than you will feel better each time you enter. I color print every family member and for whomever the room is most important - that is person whose colors I choose. 

Dream Sources: The Rug Company, Company C, Thibaut Wallcovering, Robert Allen Fabrics, and Local Artists and Craftsman.



  • Ottoman: The Menagerie Ltd., Philadelphia PA
  • Sectional: Sherrill Furniture, Custom Fabric
  • French Country Chair: Found at a decorator showroom in Philadelphia PA, custom leather and fabric from F.S. Schumacher. 


  • Birdcages: Collected over time from various antique shops
  • Flameless Candles: Luminara,
  • Kitchen Table Cloth: Designers Guild of London
  • Kitchen Rug:  Company C – purchased 3 years ago – no longer available
  • Kitchen Cabinetry: Swartz Kitchens, Lancaster PA
  • Kitchen Bench: Purchased thirty years ago from a Grange Furniture Company


  • Wallpaper: Thibaut- Pattern: Wanderlust Color: Pink & Ivory


  • Built-in Bookcases: Gable Designs, Lancaster PA

Thank you Sharon and Dave for sharing your home! It was a pleasure to collaborate with you.  -Abigail